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I-M-K (as in the letters) Sushi (as in the food)

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I don't want to sound like a beggar, but if you like what I do (mostly coding for my Mod for Terraria at the moment), I could do with a donation. This money will go towards my life in general, i.e. help me pay for university, help me buy a house etc., so any donations of any amounts would really help me. Thanks.

At this point, the website splits into a couple parts: imkSushi's Mod, The London Underground, Maths, Doctor Who, and other stuff.

imkSushi's Mod

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Now onto some actual stuff about my mod:

imkSushi's Mod is an essentials/quality of life mod. It adds hundreds of recipes to Terraria that means that any items that may be unobtainable in a world due to unfortunate world gen are now craftable. However, the main feature is that equivalent ore are now interchangeable at a Tinkerers Workbench, for example, you can swap iron for lead, or Titanium for Adamantite. Another prominent feature is that you can melt down many items back into the ore they came from at lava. For a more complete list of what this mod adds, see the thread for imkSushi's Mod.

The London Underground

In case you didn't know, I know everything you ever, and never, wanted to know about the London Underground. I find the entire subject fascinating, so I've written some stuff below about the London Underground

How did the tube start?

In the first half of the nineteenth century, there were more and more people in London, and as such, the roads were used more and more, until, in 1846, a commission was established, to give a report every ten years or so on how to solve London's congestion problem. The 1846 report said that mainline railways should be banned from central London. This is why all the mainline termini are around London (with an exception or two). This caused a law to be passed to put this guidline into law. Just under a decade later, the next report, during 1855, recommended that an idea advocated by Charles Pearson, should be put into action. By this point, average speeds in central London were around 10mph. This genious idea was to build a railway underneath London that connects up all of the termini. The first phase of this was started in 1862, lead by engineer John Fowler. It was finished quite soon after, and opened to the public on the tenth of January 1863. This 'Metropolitan Railway' had run massively underbudget, and John Fowler, if you adjust for inflation, was the best paid engineer of all time. The Metropolitan Railway was an immediate success, and the average road speed in central London increased.


I like maths. I do a lot of maths. Below, I show some of the maths I have done

Did you know that for all x = 0, 1, 2 ... 9, 10, that the following is true: x¹¹-55x¹⁰+1320x⁹-18150x⁸+157773x⁷-902055x⁶+3416930x⁵-8409500x⁴+12753576x³-10528650x²+3628800x = 0

1. Take any factor of 24, for example: 3

2. Multiply it by any positive integer, for example: 11 → 11 * 3 = 33

3. Subtract 1, for example: 33 - 1 = 32

4. The sum of any two opposite factors of this new number will be divisible by the original factor.
For example:
32 = 1 * 32, 1 + 32 = 33 → 33 = 3 * 11
32 = 2 * 16, 2 + 16 = 18 → 18 = 3 * 6
32 = 4 * 8, 4 + 8 = 12 → 12 = 3 * 4

Did you know that for any integer (larger than one) 'n', the following is always true:
2n Modulo n ≠ 1